THE AWE experience par excellence:

Live a complete wine cycle in the skin of a genuine winemaker, from vineyard to bottle!

AWE will guide you every step of the way with the “savoir-faire” of Carlos Tizio, the renowned Argentine winemaker. He and his team of great winemakers including Carola Tizio, Daniel Hefner and Germán Oteisa, will be at your disposal at all times.

In addition, AWE makes available to you exceptional vineyards on the Andean foothills, its modern winery, barrels from the best French suppliers, and every other element needed to ensure that your winemaking experience and the wine you produce become a complete success.

The AWE 360º Wine Maker Experience

We invite you to live the authentic life of a winemaker for 3 years. Guided in every step by a team of great professionals led by the famous Argentine winemaker Carlos Tizio, you will produce your own wine, making your way from the vineyard to the bottle…

What it contains: